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Here are some Common problem and answers:

What is DC motor?
Answer: DC motor is used to transfer electrical energy to mechanical energy equipment. This is a structure.

What is a gear motor?
The gear motor is a DC motor with a gearbox (also called a gear box). Gearbox is used to reduce the motor speed and increase the torque of the motor.

What is gear ratio?
Answer: gear box is used to reduce the motor speed, so in each deceleration stage use small gear to drive larger gear, so there is a deceleration ratio, each level ratio multiplied. This is a picture to show:

Does the 4. motor run clockwise (CCW) (counterclockwise)?
Answer: Yes, all of our brush DC and gear motors can be used for CW and CCW. For brushless motor, if you have this request, please inform us ahead of time, we will draw a front line for this function.

Do you know how to make spiral gear?
Answer: Yes, for some special purposes, we'll turn gears into propellers. But the screw can't be used in all conditions, for example, if you use the motor in two directions, it's not good. In addition, you have special requirements for the output shaft control, then this is not appropriate.

If I don't know how much torque I need, how do I figure it out?
Answer: there's a simple way to figure it out. You only need to send us a rough torque range and size limit, so we'll provide you with a type and test it with a few samples. During the test, we can provide a simple way to check it.

7. how to reduce the motor noise?
Answer: This is a constant and often asked question. Etonm has 9 years of noise control experience, and we have many ways to deal with different noises, such as different gear materials and production processes, grease and DC motor control. If you want to know more, please contact us directly (

Can you customize the motor?
Answer: Yes, most of the motors available to existing customers are custom made, such as custom voltage, speed, torque, current and noise; custom sizes, such as shafts, motor bodies, external cables and connectors, worms, gear brackets, etc.

9. can I collect samples before ordering and test them?
Answer: when you need samples for testing, please contact us directly, and we will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.